Last updated October 2018



What happens to the victims of pit bull attack?

Pit bull attack victims are usually ignored and shunted aside while the media gives time instead to people trying to explain away the actions of pit bulls.

  • Pit bull attacks are life-changing events leaving permanent disabilities.
  • Many pit bull victims suffer severe injuries…
  • and undergo multiple surgeries over several years.
  • Victims are often unable to work, and suffer income loss.
  • Victims can face ruinous costs with no support.
  • Many pit bull victims go bankrupt.
  • Pit bull attack survivors are blamed for provoking the attacks.
  • Many people suffer post-traumatic stress for years.
  • Their stories are dismissed and their credibility attacked.
  • Families and communities are devastated.
  • Trust in other dog breeds is often destroyed.
  • The community becomes afraid to use public spaces.
  • Demand Breed Safety Laws (BSL) in your community to protect against pit bulls.


The words of pit bull attack victims

We listen to the victims of pit bulls.  These are their words.

  • “I didn’t believe my pit would ever hurt me. He slept with me.” Melanie Young
  • “I looked at my child, and the arms were like shredded meat.” Tommy Ingram
  • “The pit bulls were not biting me – they were eating me.” Eddie Gefroh
  • “The pit bull had his mouth around the boy’s neck shaking him.” Javier Salazar
  • “Her child’s face was so mauled they had to do closed casket.” Nioti Koulianos
  • “The emergency care flight alone cost $18,000.” Crosson family.
  • “She was just so chewed up there was nothing the doctors could do.” Jason Dodge
  • “Our pit bulls were sweethearts. Then they killed our son.” Art Austin
  • “The arm, the leg — chunks of the boy are missing.” Detective Kevin Borycz
  • “In 40 years, I’ve never seen anything like it.” Sheriff James Agnew
  • Listen to the victims. See their words at



The financial costs of pit bull attacks

A pit bull attack causes ripples with financial consequences for the whole community. Attacks affect not only families and neighborhoods, but emergency response services, animal services, police, courts, doctors and hospitals, public health officials, lawyers, victim support groups, therapists and many more — all of which are funded by taxpayers.

NPBVA opposes breed-neutral dog laws

We believe breed-neutral laws are dangerous to people and other animals. It is not in the interest of public safety to wait for an attack. First attacks by pit bulls almost always result in severe injury. In some cases, the first bite is fatal.

Hallowe’en: terror can be real in communities with pit bulls

In the first two weeks of October 2018 alone, pit bull attacks averaged nearly 2 a day.

Myth: Pit Bulls are Not Aggressive

Pit bulls are provoked to attack by simple things such as a baby crying, or laughing, or a child riding by on a bicycle.

Statistics on deaths and injuries by pit bulls

Pit bulls are responsible for the vast over-whelming majority of all serious attacks by dogs compared to all other dog breeds combined.

Dog parks are safer without pit bulls

Pit bulls are not safe animals to allow into dog parks.