Victims of pit bull attacks cry for help

As pit bull advocates celebrate their “month”, victims of pit bull attacks need your support. In the last 30 days, 4 more people have been killed by pit bulls. A 7-year old boy was fatally disembowelled in Lowell, Massachusetts, and 9 first respondents were taken to hospital for trauma after witnessing the scene. In Georgia, a woman was killed by a pit bull while getting out of her car. In Mississippi, a woman was killed by her son’s pit bulls. A one-month old Ohio baby was killed in his home by the family pit bulls. A 5-year old Utah girl was attacked in the face. Today, October 25, a 1-year old girl is in critical condition after her mother found her torn body in the jaws of the “family pet”, a pit bull. View map of media reports/

October 28 is Awareness Day for victims of pit bull attacks. Since releasing a press statement on September 24 about National Pit Bull Victim Awareness Day, dozens of vicious attacks have been reported by the media in almost every area of North America, including Ontario, British Columbia, Washington, California, Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New York, Missouri, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Florida.

With millions of dollars at their disposal, the wealthy pit bull lobby has wreaked havoc in Canada and the United States – denying the danger of pit bulls in families, encouraging No Kill shelters, allowing inter-state and cross-border transportation of pit bulls on death row, pressuring council members to drop breed restrictions, and lobbying for anti-BSL bills in Congress.

In 2017, 700 attacks involving people have been reported by the media. The majority are children and seniors. We ask you to please call attention to the victims of pit bull attacks on October 28, 2017 and continue your coverage of this growing crisis. We understand reporters, editors, publishers, senators and other government officials are ruthlessly harassed by the pit bull advocates, yet many of you speak out regardless. For this we thank you.

National Pit Bull Victim Awareness supports more than 70 groups concerned about the impact of the attacks on our communities.

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