Animal welfare organizations lie to protect the reputation of pit bulls

Animal welfare organizations lie to protect the reputation of pit bulls

Name: Vickie M
Victim: Pet
Location: Walking my dog just a few yards outside of my home, Wisconsin
Year of attack: 2017

Tell us about the attack

I had just taken my little dog out for a walk. I suddenly saw a large dog (confirmed by the owner be a pit bull) come running towards us and screamed for someone to get their dog. I froze, and suddenly, I was on the ground, and the large pit bull was off running with my little dog in his mouth by the neck.

I remember running and coming upon the pit bull on top of my dog. A man was on top of them struggling. I remember screaming. Suddenly, my dog was free. I grabbed him and ran. He had a large hole in his neck and blood and had trouble breathing.

I ran towards my home screaming for help. Luckily, a neighbor heard and drove us to the emergency vet.

They were able to save him! I found out later that the owner of the pit bull had to stab his pit bull to end the attack. I realize now how lucky we were!

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
I am much more vigilant and cautious, especially when walking my dog.
I often carry “protection” just in case.

If I see anything that looks like a pit bull, I get nervous, and get far away.
I will no longer go to dog parks that allow pit bulls.

The silver lining is that this jumpstarted my advocacy to help prevent others from going through these attacks.

Legal Consequences
The pit bull owner was fined. Our vet bills were about $3,500. The pit bull owner has not paid anything. He doesn’t have anything to pay. so it’s not worth going after.
I was told the pit bull was put down that evening. Thank goodness!

My interaction with law-enforcement was very good. Unlike for others. The officer came to the animal hospital to speak with me and seemed genuinely concerned. He even wanted to see my dog when they were able to let me see him.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
Pit bulls do not belong in our neighborhoods. They definitely do not belong in homes with children.

Pit bulls are not safe pets.

Almost nobody can stop a pit bull attack unless you have a gun or a knife or another strong weapon.

Attacks can happen in in the blink of an eye. Pit bulls attack unprovoked all the time. They seek out their victims.

Pit bull owners are ignorant of the nature of these animals. And, they love to blame the victims of attacks. They love to make excuses for every attack. It’s never the pit bull’s fault according to them. They are also very narcissistic.

Animal welfare organizations do not care about innocent victims. They will lie through their teeth to try to protect the reputation of pit bulls.