Man disfigured and disabled for life by pit bulls

The pit bull massacre. My son is the victim

Name: Debra
Victim: Adult
Location: The yard of the owner, who never should have had these animals!, Florida
Year of attack: 2020

Tell us about the attack

My son, Kyle Cracolici, was shredded to pieces by two pit bulls on July 17th, 2020. He resided at the residence of the owner of the pit bulls. The owner had gone out. Kyle’s girlfriend showed up. The pit bulls knew her, but they started running after her anyway. Kyle goes to save her and get the pit bulls away from her, but they latched onto him and dragged him from the front yard to the back. All the while he was screaming “they’re killing me, they’re killing me”.

Kyle’s girlfriend tried to get her smartphone to work, but her hands were so covered in her blood and Kyle’s that she couldn’t even press 911. Neighbors wouldn’t help because they knew the pit bulls’ history and were afraid. Eventually, someone called 911. It took 15 minutes for paramedics and officers to arrive, and the whole time my son was being mauled to death.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
I am speaking for my son, Kyle, because his right arm and hand are severely damaged. My son’s life is forever changed. His injuries were life threatening, and no one thought he would live. He’s extremely self conscious about his injuries, because they have disfigured him. He’s basically disabled. He suffers severe PTSD and severe depression. He’s been in and out of hospitals, ER’s, urgent care, many, many times, because of infection, sepsis and pneumonia. His wounds must be cleaned every single day, several times a day. He doesn’t go anywhere except his doctors because he doesn’t want people to see him, so he covers up. This is my son’s life, probably forever. This could have been prevented. He didn’t deserve this!

Legal Consequences
These pit bulls had previously attacked four other people. The owner was only given warnings by animal control workers, despite knowing that these pit bulls weren’t vaccinated or even registered. I hold them just as responsible as the owner. I had done an interview and their spokesperson said that my son’s attack would have qualified for removal of the pit bulls. So, it took that attack after the pit bulls had already attacked four other people? Seriously? I wrote to them, basically telling them off, and received no reply or even a statement saying they were sorry this happened. Kyle went through hell while in the hospital for six weeks, undergoing many surgeries, and I couldn’t even be with him because of Covid. How do you think I felt as a Mom? Heartbreaking.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
I would like people to know that pit bulls shouldn’t even exist, and I am sick and tired of hearing others say, “it’s the way they are raised.” Obviously other dogs are capable of attacks, but pit bulls are in a category to themselves. That night they were weapons that my son, Kyle, couldn’t even defend himself against. His injuries were horrific and the Deputy said he’d never seen anything like he saw that night. The doctors were praying they could save his right arm. Besides all the wounds he suffered, he had a punctured lung and was on a ventilator.

Once again, Animal Control could have prevented this, but didn’t.

Go Fund Me

Kyle’s GoFundMe fundraiser has the story from the beginning to present day. Pictures are included as well.

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