Spiked collar saved dog from pit bull attack

Name: Mary Bobbitt
Victim: Pet
Location: Sidewalk, Texas
Year of attack: 2020

Tell us about the attack

My sister and I were walking my 2 dogs, Teddy (mutt, lab maybe) and Legend (Dutch Shepherd). I was holding Legend’s leash and we were passing by my neighbor’s house. He was exiting his vehicle with his blue nose pit bull on a leash attached to his collar and was carrying some food into his house. He did not see us coming around the corner because there were vehicles parked in the way, but as soon as we emerged from the other side of the vehicles into the view of his pit bull , his face had a look of sheer terror as he dropped his food to grab onto the leash with both hands. His pit bull slipped his collar off, and ran to Teddy immediately going for his throat. Teddy was wearing a spiked collar at the time that was 4 inches thick and the pit bull was confused attempting to locate the throat.

Legal Consequences
The owner was honestly trying to be responsible, so I knocked on his door later with a step-in harness so that he could keep his dog safely secured to himself. He ran into me later and said thank you and he was sorry and asked if my dog was okay. My dog was not bleeding but apparently his pit bull got cut up from Legend biting his rear. All in all the guy said that avoidance was his defense against knowing his pit bull could be violent

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
He would lock on to Teddy on the side of his head or close to his chest, release and then grab on again. I had to walk away because Legend kept biting the pit bull on the rear, and I couldn’t just allow him to do that because that’s not fair. Teddy was slower but much larger than the pit bull, he just kept pinning the pit bull down on the ground with all his body weight until the pit bull would quit moving, and then he would release him so that the pit bull could run away but the dog would just bite him again. This went on for quite a while until finally the pit bull started to get tired, and stopped to catch his breath before lunging again, and during this time the owner finally got the collar back on. The owner stated he would not have exited his vehicle had he seen us first.