Pit bull straining at leash to attack

Social media group moderators hushing up news of local pit bull attacks

Name: Richard Rafail
Victim: Pet
Location: Sidewalk, Missouri
Year of attack: 10/15/2019

Tell us about the attack

Daily walk with my dog, walking down North Oakland Ave, Springfield MO. As we passed a home with tall fence and hedges 15 ft long, only facing the sidewalk, no sides. We were ambushed by an unseen pit bull that broke its shoestring yard leash easily. The pit bull grabbed my dog by the throat below the left ear and would not release. The pit bull owner only seems to have heard the commotion after it had gone on for 10 minutes, as he was sleeping on the sofa. The pit bull ripped an 8 inch hole in my dog’s skin, which cost me $500.00 in vet bills. The pit bull disappeared out of town.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
Now, I always carry multiple defense items when I walk my dog.

Legal Consequences
Not fined. The pit bull owner ran out of town.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
Pit bull owners of the area will attack you with every foul word in the book. Pit bull owners do not care about their victims, human or pet. I posted news and warning of this attack on www.nextdoor.com to alert people of the vicious pit bull that was impounded by Springfield Animal Control. The post was taken down by nextdoor.com moderators to hide the attack.

2nd attack POSTED to nextdoor.com on 10/01/2021: PIT BULL dog attacks female pedestrian. Severely injured. This was also removed by nextdoor.com to conceal news of the attack.