Pit bull in cage at shelter

Shelter volunteer severely injured by pit bull the shelter had said was not aggressive

Name: One of the scariest days for me…
Victim: Adult
Location: It was at a rescue shelter, that housed strays for other rescues, California
Year of attack: 2019

Tell us about the attack

I walked dogs at a local rescue. A pit bull was being boarded for another shelter. Their volunteers test for aggressiveness. Volunteers are not professionals by any means. They said he wasn’t dog or human aggressive. Unfortunately it was actually very aggressive.

I took the pit bull out. He tried to attack a dog in the next kennel. I still had a hold of the leash. The pit bull was pulling. I let go & fell down. When I did, the the pit ran up on me & started lunging toward my throat. I put my right arm up to protect myself. He bit & shook my arm several times before someone heard me scream. It bit off my entire bicep. Lots of blood. He cut all the nerves in my arm & hand.

Afterward, My arm & hand was paralyzed. I had the strength of a wet noodle.  PT helped me to regain some movement. I’ve healed mentally but the constant pain is unbearable!

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
I don’t trust any large dogs now. I still sometimes freeze up when I see them. I have #10 level pain 24/7. My activities are limited now. It’s really lowered my quality of life. The limitations are difficult to deal with, as I was very active before.

Legal Consequences
The shelter was not fined. I had to sue them to get my medical bills paid. The pit bull was put down.

The rescue it came from should be shut down.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
If you volunteer at a shelter that boards pit bulls for other rescues , then definitely let a paid staff member walk all of their dogs. When they tell you the pit bull is not aggressive, I would automatically assume the opposite.