Senior lab attacked from out of nowhere by pit bull

Name: Kate Kean
Victim: Adult, Pet
Location: Alley by my house, Pennsylvania
Year of attack: 2019

Tell us about the attack

It was Saturday and I was walking my 15-year-old lab mix, Boo, in an alley by my house. With no warning, a medium-sized pit bull attacked us. I immediately lay down on top of my dog like a human shield. The pit bull was still trying to get to Boo’s neck so I shoved both my hands in the pit bull’s mouth. I was screaming for help. Neighbors did come but no one could get the pit bull off of us. Someone had just mentioned getting his gun when the owner came. He started swinging a board at the pit bull to break the hold. I got hit in the process. When the police arrived they watched over Boo while I ran back for my keys. We rushed to the vets first. Boo only suffered a scratched ear. I almost lost my thumb.

All I know is that I wasn’t going to watch my beloved Boo be murdered in front of me and I’m thankful we both survived.

And since the owner “claimed” the pit bull was a stray and didn’t have records, I had to get rabies shots as well. The police refused to follow up.┬áLater I found out that a neighbor’s ring camera recorded the attack. They were afraid of what the pit bull owner would do so they didn’t take it to the police.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
I’m always afraid now when walking my dogs. I carry a bat. It took me over a year to even walk around my neighborhood. I was putting the dogs in the car and driving them to safer areas to walk. Both dogs now wear studded collars.

Legal Consequences
None. The police did nothing. The neighbor with the video footage was afraid to do anything. And last I heard “Katie” (the “stray” pit bull’s name) is still there. The owner has three pit bulls in total. He keeps them locked in the basement. He’s possibly fighting them. The next attack might have a darker outcome. A child could be involved.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
Always expect the unexpected. Be aware of your surroundings. Carry some sort of protection. Keep in mind pit bulls have a high pain tolerance so a weapon is no guarantee.

I’m still a huge dog lover. People not so much.