Image of pit bull

Rescue pit bull attacked without warning

Name: Dianne Keith
Victim: Adult
Location: In my home, Pennsylvania
Year of attack: 2021

Tell us about the attack

In May of last year, 2020, my son’s girlfriend adopted a rescue pit bull mix from Centre County PAWS animal shelter in State College, Pennsylvania. She just loved and spoiled this dog and had even taken him for ice cream the day before the attack.

It was a normal morning on April 11th, 2021. The pit bull was sitting on the living room couch when my son went to start to make breakfast in the kitchen. Suddenly, the pit bull jumped off the couch and went into a full on attack on my son. When his girlfriend ran in to get the pit bull off him, it turned on her. The attack continued. She got away outside and the pit bull got out of the door and continued to attack her again outside. My son ran out after her; the pit bull turned on him again. He managed to drag the pit bull still latched to him into his garage where he had to beat him off of him to let him go. The pit bull has been euthanized.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
They are traumatized and she has PTSD over it. My son received 38 stitches in both forearms and she received 43 in both upper arms and hands and back. They are both currently unable to work.

Legal Consequences
There are no legal issues as this was their own pet that turned on them. They were taken to hospital by ambulance, and the state troopers attended the scene,  but we found out later that it was never reported as a dog attack, and we don’t know why. Not one agency in this state of Pennsylvania would help us get the dog out of there and they told us it was our problem and their hands were tied????

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
Pit bulls should be outlawed and not allowed to be bred. This breed needs to be extinguished at all costs. These animals can not be trusted no matter how nice you think they are. This was a completely unprovoked attack on its owners who gave him the world. There is no warning, no growls, or barks. You won’t even see it coming. To any family with small children, don’t be ignorant! It could cost you your child’s life or your own. “Is it worth it”?