Farmyard gate

Repeated attacks by pit bulls over the years

Name: Pam
Victim: Other Livestock and Horses
Location: Multiple attacks on my farms in Georgia and Florida
Year of attack: 2014

Tell us about the attack

In 1984, I had a pit bull jump in my VW bug to attack my lab in my lap. I got stitches in my leg, and a Fed Ex Driver got a shoulder injury trying to get me out of the car.

I’ve had years of pit bull attacks on my livestock in three different states because renter neighbors owned pit bulls. Pit bulls killed my sheep in Longwood, Florida in 1998. In  2008 to 2011 a neighbor’s pit bulls killed my poultry and mauled my hogs and dogs several times. In 2012 to 2015, a neighbor’s pit bulls killed my goats and chickens and mauled several horses. In 2014, even after police talked to the pit bull’s owner, the  same day one of the pit bulls mauled my horse while a kid was riding it.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
Literally you get PTSD after trying to stop a pit attack. You can not unsee the horrors. I will not get out of my truck if I pull up and pit bulls are walking around.

The sheriff told me defend my livestock and now I do. The pit owners stay away from my farm. I no longer tolerate them.

Legal Consequences

After most of the attacks, the pit owners did nothing and the police did nothing. After one attack on my horse, the pit bull came back under a fence and jumped on an officer’s leg to attack, she still did nothing to the pit owner.

I had court date in 2014 for a pit attack on one of my horses. The pit owner paid the vet bill but still the attack ruined the horse. It was a good roping horse, but the attack scarred her for life. I sold her at a fraction of what I had paid. I lost thousands.

In 2015, I sued a pit owner on Judge Judy over killing my goats.  My episode on Judge Judy was called “Goats Scream Bloody Murder” (S19.E163). It aired on March 3rd, 2015. Judge Judy awarded me damages for my dead goats. The pit owner lost her job and moved out of town. But after Judge Judy, other pit owners rode by with pits in truck beds like a parade to try to intimidate me lol. They really do not care if their pits destroy lives. It’s sad.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?

Pit bull owners do not and will not care for your pets, livestock or your family’s safety. They do not believe the breed is a danger and when they are wrong and you suffer a loss, they shrug.

They typically rent and do not own anything for you to sue over, but the law is on your side. They are responsible for controlling their poor choice in a dog and are liable for damages. Call police early and often. Make a paper trail to establish dangerous dog status so the pit owners can be held responsible.

Ban the breed, keep everyone safe!