Pitbulls and livestock don’t mix well

Name: Dk
Victim: Pet, Other Horse goats
Location: In pasture and on public dirt road, Georgia
Year of attack: Choose one

Tell us about the attack
Just 2 of many in 3 states I’ve dealt with pits killing My livestock.

My neighbor had three pitbulls. I told him you need to put those dogs up They’re coming to my house trying to get my goats. I called the sheriff. The sheriff supposedly went to talk to the guy. The next day the same thing the pitbulls are at my gate. I pull up can’t get out of my truck cuz they’re circling my truck. I called the sheriff he said he didn’t talk to the guy that they before now he’s going to talk to him. The same day he spoke to him the dogs attacked my horse with a girl riding it down the dirt road. Sheriff made him pay my vet bills, gave him a ticket. Few months later one of those same dogs killed my goats with a different owner. I sued on Judge Judy and won. No more pit issues since.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
Everyone knows not to let their dogs onto my farm 😉 only tow truck in area refuses my AAA Calls because he’s a bull advocate breeder..I’m hated by pit owners in the area big time but dogs are no longer a problem. Now someone is shooting my livestock… Sheriff does nothing…

Legal Consequences
Owner in one case paid vet bills and fine. In other case Judge Judy paid me but pit owner was shamed publicly and moved out of our county. Lost her job etc, she obviously lied on tv.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
Pit bulls are bred for blood sport. They will target livestock that often goes unreported. It happens daily. I know many people dealing with pits killing mauling livestock. It happened to me in FL, GA and AZ.