Pitbull Frenzy

Name: JMS
Victim: Adult
Location: On the street walking my dog, California
Year of attack: 2020

Tell us about the attack
I was walking my 4 year-old female German Shepherd a few houses from being home. I saw a pitbull through a neighbor’s driveway gate looking at me and my dog. A man was walking toward the pass-through gate and I thought, “I hope he can control his dog because it looked like it wanted to attack my dog.” Next thing I knew was the pitbull was outside the gate attacking my dog and clamping on. I grabbed the pitbull by the tail and pulled as hard as I could. It let go of my dog but turned around and bit me on the leg. My dog went to the vet ER, I went to the ER and got my puncture wound treated. My dog has a lacerated leg and I am in pain (this happened 12 hours ago).

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
Too early to tell the long term effects because the pitbull attack was yesterday evening (12 hours ago). I did not trust pitbulls before, but now, even more, I think that cities should consider outlawing them within city limits and insurance companies should not insure homeowners who have pitbulls. I will always have the puncture scars to remind me of the danger of this breed.

Legal Consequences
Where I live Animal Control is very pro-active. The pitbulll is already quarantined (10 days) and I will be able to find out whether it was current on rabies shots. I do not want that dog back in my neighborhood again. The owner will be held liable for the pain, suffering and medical bills caused by his vicious dog. The house where the pitbull was is worth well over a million dollars, so I expect the owner has insurance. BTW, the owner got control of the dog after it bit me, went back into his yard and never came back to see how I or my dog were doing (I was laying there bleeding, neighbors called 911 and police and fire department came and checked me over.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
Do not trust pitbulls. If you know there are pitbulls on the route you are walking, bring along pepper spray or a baseball bat for protection.