Pitbull attacked 10-year-old child in State Park

Pitbull attacked 10-year-old child in State Park

Name: JA
Victim: Child
Location: State Park hiking trails, Georgia
Year of attack: 2021

Tell us about the attack

We were hiking with our four kids in a local state park. We saw a couple with two leashed pit bulls and said Hi. The dog owner told us the pit bulls’ names and then we went our separate ways. About 30 minutes later, the couple and their pit bulls were passing us on the trail going in the opposite direction. As we were passing, with no warning, one of the pit bulls turned and latched onto our 10-year-old’s leg. The owner immediately responded and started trying to get his pit bull off, while also apologizing. In a matter of seconds, the pit bull had pulled the child to the ground and dragged him approximately 15 feet and started to pull him into the nearby river. The owner was able to open his jaw enough that I could free my son’s leg. The leg had deep lacerations bigger than my thumb.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
All four of our children are scared of dogs now, especially pit bulls. We were 4 miles from the park office and all of our children (ages 14, 12, 10, 9) assisted with the emergency. It was very traumatic for all of us.

Legal Consequences
The pit bull was quarantined for 10 days and determined to be dangerous. He was returned to the owner but MUST wear a muzzle anytime it’s in public.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
There was no warning, not even a growl, when this pit bull attacked a child and intended to kill him. The 911 operator was so upset and said she has heard this story too many times. It took a grown man using all of his strength to pry HIS own pit bull’s jaw open enough that I could free my child’s leg. I was holding my child with all my strength to keep the pit bull from pulling him into the water to kill him. If you MUST believe your pit bull is an exception, then a muzzle in public is a good idea.