Wooden backyard fence

Pit bull tears through backyard wooden fence trying to get at intended victims

Name: Marilyn
Victim: Pet
Location: Home, Colorado
Year of attack: 2018

Tell us about the attack

One day our neighbor’s pit bull tore up our wooden fence trying to get at me and my dog in my own backyard. I grabbed my small dog and ran into my house. Why do we have to live in a society where the threat of a horrific death revolves around an idiot neighbor? We now have a double fence in our yard, which is beyond imaginable that we had to take that step. The whole neighborhood is terrified of the pit bull.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?

If you ask anyone what the most terrifying way to die would be, aside from irrational phobias, most people would agree that being eaten alive by a large fanged animal would be the most painful and horrific. There are regularly news stories of small children being killed or maimed by pit bulls, 5 times bigger than them, owned by parents or other family members. That would be like an average size adult being killed by an 800 pound animal. I regularly meet people with small children who think their pit bulls are so cute. Can’t these adults put themselves in the shoes of their own babies, and realize what they are risking just to show off that they own a killing machine?

Pit bull owners should be accountable and liable. They own a dangerous weapon, yet statistics show that the deaths caused by their pit bulls are usually ruled accidental. What part of those deaths is accidental? Common sense should dictate that any pit bull owner is well aware of the dangers, and it is crazy that they can get away with negligence that results in a child or a person dying the most horrific and terrifying death or maiming possible.