Pit bull mauls toddler in unprovoked attack

Pit bull mauls toddler in unprovoked attack

Name: DRC
Victim: Child
Location: Walking my grandson, Missouri
Year of attack: 2021

Tell us about the attack

My wife and I were visiting my daughter’s family over Mother’s Day weekend. We had arrived early Saturday morning at their apartment complex. My two grandchildren came out to see us as we pulled in. I was taking a walk with my youngest grandchild up the sidewalk, without crowding him (he was 14 months at the time). There are hidden patio coves at the apartment complex and as he approached one of the coves he turned towards it and was pointing toward a person sitting on their patio with a pit bull on a leash. I sped up to reach down to pick my grandchild up, but the pit bull got there first, launching an unprovoked attack on him directly in the face. The owner pulled the pit bull away; I was able to grab my grandson before he could hit his head on the ground. We rushed him to Emergency for surgery to repair several bad wounds.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
I don’t stop thinking about the attack that happened many months ago now. I will never like or trust dogs again. I am considering seeking professional help for what I believe to be lingering PTSD. The horror of the incident will never leave me.

Legal Consequences
The incident was reported and I believe the pit bull was taken away for a while. However, authorities have since returned the the pit bull to its owners, just a few doors down from my daughter’s unit. I am greatly concerned that this pit bull will attack again.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
Young children should NEVER be around dogs, especially a breed as dangerous as pit bulls.