Pit bull invades house to kill two dogs inside

Name: M L G
Victim: Adult
Location: Inside home. California
Year of attack: 2017

Tell us about the attack

Jeff was recovering from a major stroke, and had his two little white Westies for his best friends. They were usually together, running alongside each other, full of life and love.

Jeff’s stroke had been so severe that he needed round-the-clock care. But, his caregivers weren’t needed for a couple of hours each week. That was when his ex-wife (but still good friend) would come by and help him with a walker, to get in a car and go to church, and sometimes a meal after.

One day, when he was brought back home after their outing, the first thing that hit him upon entering the house was THE BLOOD, everywhere! And then he and his ex-wife saw pieces of his dogs.

The neighbor’s pit bull had broken through its fence and invaded Jeff’s yard and house to kill the dogs inside.

Yes, the pit bull was euthanized but for a man such as Jeff already in a difficult way health-wise a disaster. Such a shock. And such a setback.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
Jeff is my friend, I’m just sharing his story as he isn’t able to.

Legal Consequences
Jeff was too ill to take on much in terms of legal battles. Getting the pit bull euthanized and threatening the neighbor about never having another one was about it.