Pit bull

Pit bull attacks out of the blue; owners deny it was theirs

Name: Jule Coda
Victim: Adult, Child, Pet
Location: 2 blocks from our house on a bike ride. California
Year of attack: 2012

Tell us about the attack

This thing came out of nowhere and first attacked our black lab, Cody. Once the blue nose pit bull chased the dog off, it turned its sights on my 7-year-old daughter, bobbing back and forth trying to get past me. To my right, our dog came back, distracting the pit bull and saving my daughter’s life. I had seen a video on how to stop a dog attack about three weeks before, from the Alkban self defense website and I used that to stop the pit bull, saving my dog’s life.

While I held the pit bull down, my daughter grabbed our dog and ran for home. Our neighbor was pulling into his driveway and he grabbed a strap and help me hold the dog down until help arrived: Sheriff, Fire Department, Animal Control, and Ambulance.

The fire department smothered the pit bull at the scene.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
It’s been 10 years since the attack and both my daughter and I still have nightmares. We have extreme stress around pit bulls, and they seem to be everywhere now. When we initially moved into our neighborhood seven years ago there were no pit bulls. And now there is seemingly one in every household where we live. I can’t even take our dog to the dog park because it’s over run with pit bulls, and after the last two altercations including a man trying to get his pit bull to attack our dog, we don’t go for walks anymore. We can’t even go to the beach, because pit bulls are everywhere.

We’ve had other altercations with pit bull owners who seem to enjoy their pit bulls growling and snarling at people, so I often carry a stun gun with me which works as a great deterrent when they know you’re armed.

Legal Consequences
The pit bull owners were never fined. They suddenly had a case of amnesia, and never admitted to even owning the pit bull. They even drove by as I was holding their pit bull down and never stopped to ask if I needed help. They just drove by.

After a necropsy by the County veterinarian to declare no rabies, the owners of the pit bull never collected the body of their beloved pet. We also didn’t see them around the neighborhood much anymore. Animal Control never followed up with them. Since the pit bull had no license, no ID tag, or microchip, there was no way to prove that the dog came from their house. So nothing was done.

Four months before our attack I had called Animal Control reporting this dog loose. Animal Control never showed up.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
My daughter, even 10 years later, has concerns that if she goes outside there’s going to be a pit bull, so she prefers to stay indoors, and listen to music. Pit bulls make her nervous.

I get extremely angry around pit bulls. The defensive Mother bear comes up.

Our black Labrador Cody feared dogs ever after. He took the brunt of the assault when he saved my daughter. His puncture wounds were so deep around his throat that the emergency veterinarian wouldn’t suture it closed for fear of infection. The fur grew back in white and we called it Cody’s “hero’s necklace”.

My daughter and I don’t have a mark on us from our attack because of Cody. Most people like to think that their dog would lay its life down for them, and we actually saw that. We lost Cody in June of 2021. He was 10 yrs old.