Australian shepherd

Pit Bull Attacked My Dog

Name: Laurie
Victim: Pet
Location: Home, Arkansas
Year of attack: 2021

Tell us about the attack

My daughter’s friend asked her to dogsit her pit bull puppy which she claimed was very sweet and got along great with other dogs. I was in the other room. Suddenly I heard my dog, an Aussie Collie, yelping and my daughter screaming. The 1.5 year old pit bull had run up behind my dog, utterly unprovoked, and had him by the neck, refusing to let go. After trying to pull the pit bull off by his harness and hitting him repeatedly on the nose with a heavy object, I applied pressure on both sides of his jaw and he released.

I have posted about this on social media and have been somewhat assaulted by lies about how great pit bulls are and how misinformed I am. In fact, I used to be misinformed before and have now read much more. I only wish I had known the truth about pit bulls before.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
I have suffered from extreme tiredness, back pain, arm pain and bruising. I have been doubly traumatized by the negative comments I received as well. I’m more afraid when walking my dog. My dog can’t wear a leash or go walking much since he has neck injuries. I’m glad I know now to avoid this breed as much as possible and hope to help others know this too.

Legal Consequences
We don’t have the owner’s exact address to report the pit bull. I may still try. She paid vet bills and says she is having the pit bull evaluated.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
This breed is responsible for 66% of fatal attacks, although they are only 6% of dogs. They were always bred for fighting. It’s a natural instinct of them now — no matter how they’re trained or raised. Pit bulls often attack unprovoked after years of showing no signs of aggression. Avoid them at all costs. Support laws to ban them. Don’t believe the lies. Read further. Pit bull advocates are relentless in trying to defend pit bulls and downplay the serious risk they pose. They often don’t know the truth themselves.