Pit bull comes from behind unseen to severely maul dog

Pit bull comes from behind unseen to severely maul dog

Name: Ron Manor
Victim: Pet
Location: Street, California
Year of attack: 2020

Tell us about the attack
We walked around the block with our dog, Boba, on a leash. Suddenly a pit bull came from behind and attacked Boba. The pit bull grabbed Boba in the stomach. It took a few seconds until I was able to kick the pit bull and make it let go of Boba who was bleeding a lot.

Then, I saw the pit bull trying to slink through a broken wooden gate right in front of where attack happened.

We rushed to the closest Vet. Emergency Hospital. After we had been told there was a 75% chance to live, we decided to pay the $9,669.00 estimated hospital bill that the vet wanted from us. I called the local police. They transferred me a few times until I got an Officer at the animal care center. The officer asked me to send him photos and details about the attack. I sent them. He replied once. Now, two days after, I am still waiting. Boba is out of the hospital and getting better.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
I always thought pit bulls are a dangerous type of dog. Now I know for sure.

Legal Consequences
Nothing yet

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
Pit bulls are an unpredictable type of dog. People should support the ending of breeding these animals.