Suburban neighborhood

Neighbor’s pit bulls attack my dog outside his own house with no rhyme or reason

Name: MS
Victim: Pet
Location: Near a school, California
Year of attack: 2018

Tell us about the attack

My neighbors have two pit bulls and late one night as I was walking a visiting friend out to their car, my sweet dog Carmi, followed me. The neighbor was walking his two pit bulls on leashes. As they walked near, Carmi went up to them wagging her tail. Within seconds and without warning or provocation, the pit bulls pinned her down and started biting her neck. One began thrashing and shaking her neck and throat as the other pit bull bit her chest and legs. After much struggle, the owner finally was able to pull his pit bulls away, though he was bitten on his hand and arm by his own pits.

At first Carmi’s injuries did not seem life threatening, but the vet said the dogs shook her skin off the muscle and that she needed immediate surgery. Carmi survived but became a timid dog after that attack. That attack changed her.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
The neighbors still have their pit bulls. They took them to a training school and bought them shock collars. However, I will never trust those animals again. I would never allow young children to go in my backyard if their pit bulls are out in the neighbor’s yard. The neighbors keep them indoors 90% of the time. When out walking if I see the neighbor and his dogs, I cross the street. I avoid them and keep a wide distance between myself and these pit bulls.

Legal Consequences
I did not report these pits because I did not want conflict with my neighbors and they were apologetic and paid for Carmi’s vet bill. They also took steps to try and tame their pit bulls. Now I wish I had reported them because I still have a level of fear every time I see his pit bulls. I will never trust them, or any pit bulls, no matter how much training I’m told they’ve had.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
I would like California to ban pit bulls or instate a very strict law to protect animals and people from these animals. We should not be left worrying about our safety in our community, neighborhoods and backyard from a pit bull attack.