Neighbor's pit bull destroys entire family

Neighbor’s pit bull destroys entire family

Name: Serenity
Victim: Adult, Child, Other Husband and another gentleman
Location: In a yard, Oklahoma
Year of attack: Thanksgiving 2020

Tell us about the attack

A neighbor’s pit bull broke out of her house and started attacking me. I couldn’t get it off my leg; he kept shaking his head and biting over and over. I screamed and screamed. It took me to the ground and bit off the back of my leg and gashed my stomach. My husband jumped in to help and he was attacked. He became septic from his bites and died a month and a half later.

The same pit bull four years prior bit my son’s finger off and attacked his leg. He had to have surgery to reattach the finger. He now has some permanent loss of use.

Several months before my son’s attack, the same pit bull bit a man in the face. He required stitches several layers deep and now has permanent disfigurement.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
In so many ways I can’t describe them all. Most importantly the loss of my husband. Besides missing him tremendously, my income level has dropped so drastically I am in jeopardy of losing my home. He was the primary income provider. I am a disabled vet. I have survivor’s guilt, PTSD and severe anxiety. I won’t walk my own dogs now. And fear all dogs but my own. My son having been attacked then witnessed my and my husband’s attack has severe anxiety and PTSD. He also blames me for his father’s death. This entire situation has left my life in constant turmoil. Emotionally and physically. I am now a year later and have been released from home health two months ago. Most days I don’t care if I wake up or not. The depression is just too great.

Legal Consequences
The owner was fined I think around 200 and something dollars. And 75 dollars to have animal control take the dog and put it down. The investigating officer has taken the case to the DA’s office for further charges to be filed. I was initially told the charges would be involuntary manslaughter. It shouldn’t have gotten this far. The dog should have been put down after the first attack and no one would have died. Oklahoma is not a one bite state. I feel as though the system has laws in place but they are not enforced by the police. If they were my husband would be alive today.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
These attacks, they don’t have to keep happening. Enforce the laws that are in place and create harsher tougher laws. The result is a harsh and tough life without your loved one. I cry everyday, not a minute guess by that I don’t mourn the loss of my husband. The scars left both physically and emotionally will never leave me. I will welcome the day I wake up without Having awoken in the middle of the night screaming and seeing this huge dog mouth full of teeth and muscle coming towards my face or the look of terror on my husband’s face when he realized I could no longer get up to help him like he helped me. We are both veterans, he having served in every war or conflict since Vit Nam and he’s is killed by a pit bull. He gave his life to save me. Im angry hurt and sad.