Cavachon pup

Neighbor’s pit bull attacks me and my Cavachon dog in our own yard

Name: N W
Victim: Adult, Pet
Location: In our yard, Illinois
Year of attack: 2022

Tell us about the attack

Saturday morning I was taking Cavachon dog out on a leash in our side yard. I saw a loose pit bull in our front yard. It instantly ran at us. There was no car to jump on, nor any weapon to use, so I tried to use my voice as a weapon to keep it away, yelling at it.

I tried to get into my backyard, kicking at the pit bull three to four times to keep it away from us. The last time I kicked, I kicked so hard that I lost balance and was going to fall backwards on head, but I was able to turn so that I’d land over my dog to protect him. I was on my knees. The pit bull was smelling under me trying to get at my dog. The pit bull was two feet from my face and was salivating. I was scared it would bite us and latch onto us. I was able to get up to the back porch and into the house, even though the pit bull tried to block us.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
The owners of the pit bull are denying it could have happened, and refuse to take any responsibility for it, so even though I’m the victim, I get to pay for all the medical. I have been off work for weeks now. I live  paycheck to paycheck as it is. I have a badly impacted wrist fracture and cast. If I don’t heal, the doctor said I may need a plate.

I’m scared to even step off the back porch now, or to be in our yard. The dog and I are cheated out of our walks. I cried one night for thirty minutes with fear before taking our dog out at bedtime. I wanted to put a kennel in the yard so we’ll be safe when I take the dog out, but the husband doesn’t want one.

Legal Consequences
I don’t think the pit bull owner got a ticket or faced any repercussions since he denied it had anything to do with his pit bull. The police officer would like to rewrite the ordinance.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
I will now carry a sawed-off ski pole on walks, maybe in the yard too. I am not sure if I’d want the media to contact me, but it seems we have to do something or it will happen again.