Pit bull in door way

My introduction to pit bulls and pit bull owners

Name: JD
Victim: Adult
Location: Public sidewalk on busy street, California
Year of attack: 2013

Tell us about the attack

I was walking to take a FedEx envelope to a mail drop store. A woman walking a pit bull approached. The instant we passed, the leashed, previously docile pit bull went nuts, jumping up and nicking my arm as the woman reacted quickly, pulling it back. The woman must have decided that I wasn’t much injured and so kept on walking. However, I followed her and told her I was calling 911 about the dangerous dog. A city cop showed up, took a report, and then put a bandage on my slightly bleeding arm. He said I should get medical attention, but I wasn’t quite on Medicare, so it would’ve been a 3 figure expense (which I ultimately might have recovered from the pit bull owner). I didn’t know dogs at all but learned then and there that the attacking animal, Kamala, was a young pit bull. I wondered why it went high up for my arm and not my ankle as I would have expected with other dogs.

By chance, I was wearing a Looxcie Bluetooth earpiece that was also a hidden video recorder. It caught the whole incident including interaction with the very professional police officer. When I posted it on YouTube, the comment flood from pit bull supporters was as vicious as the pit bull! Amazing. A lawyer friend told me to take it down since the video violated California privacy law, catching all conversation audio.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
I got off easy. I was lucky not to be more seriously injured.

This was my intro to pit bulls specifically and bully breeds generally. I then spent a great deal of time information myself, and as a result, became an active BSL advocate.

As well, it was my introduction to bully breed dog owners and fans, many of whom seem to be twisted psychopaths. A real eye opener for me.

Legal Consequences
The pit bull was quarantined, but returned to her owner and the community after 10 days. There was probably no fine, but I wanted to make sure that the pit bull had a police record. Subsequently I saw the pit bull being walked in the area numerous times.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
There’s a subclinical psychopathic cohort out there of pit bull supporters. They are like human tumors that metastasize thanks to the willful blindness of animal control agencies and bully breed advocacy organizations. The bully breed dogs become part of these people’s identities, which makes rational conversation with them difficult or impossible.