Miniature dachshund killed in unprovoked attack by pit bull mix

Miniature dachshund killed in unprovoked attack by pit bull mix

Name: Diggity
Victim: Pet
Location: front yard, Illinois
Year of attack: 2021

Tell us about the attack

I was visiting Chicago for a family event and was entering the relative’s home to put my dog in the guest room. The female pit bull mix lunged out the front door and attacked and killed my dachshund in their front yard. I sustained bites due to my efforts to pry the pit bull’s mouth open. It took 2 men to pull the pit bull off and secure it. Police were there. I did not file a police report because it was a relative. The pit bull owners added gates, fencing, a muzzle and had the pit bull evaluated. Outcome is pending but I am concerned they will keep the pit bull.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
I have post traumatic stress symptoms and anxiety and flashbacks of the utterly brutality of the attack. I’m considering carrying defense spray at all times as I am now aware of how powerless I would be in defending myself or a pet. At my age of 70, for me my pet was my companion and a spectacularly loving creature and it has all been a huge loss to me. It has caused strained relations with my relatives, the pit bull’s owner. I am fearful that the pit bull could maul the infant in the home or visiting children. It occurred so fast with my dog, that if it happened with a child, I don’t think the parents could protect the child. There was no warning at all. My current concern is that an infant lives on premises. The suddenness, lack of warning and severe aggression the pit bull displayed would overpower any single individual and I have a lot of fear for the family.

Legal Consequences
I did not file charges. I presume police did a report but am not sure.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
It was overwhelmingly fast, agitated and the pit bull attacked again and again. Nothing I did stopped it. It took two men to pull the pit bull off and restrain it. Luckily it did not turn on me but my dog was on the ground. I think if I had been holding it, things could have been different. I have never experienced that much ferocity and killer aggressiveness in any animal in my life. I wonder if it would have been for the better good, if I had filed a report and the pit bull would be gone and their infant safe. I fear for them, their child and any visitors.