Mauled by pit bull that animal rescuers were trying to sell her

Mauled by pit bull that animal rescuers were trying to sell her

Name: Carrol Miller
Victim: Adult
Location: At an animal shelter, Texas
Year of attack: 2021

Tell us about the attack

Lacey had lost her dog, a chow, that she dearly loved. She decided to seek out a new family dog.

Upon arrival at the animal shelter, the animal rescuers told Lacey would have to sign a waiver before seeing any of the dogs for sale. Lacey signed the waiver.

Lacey went to the playground in the yard at the shelter and an attendant brought a pit bull to meet her. The pit bull had no leash and no collar. In the beginning, the pit bull was nice but, suddenly turned on her and attacked her left leg and then latched on to her right leg doing substantial damage. It took 5 people to get the pit bull off her and, in the meantime, one of the attendants starting hitting the pit bull with a leash which just aggravated the pit bull more.

Lacey was sent by ambulance to Denton Hospital and then transferred to a Fort Worth Hospital. A short time later, she was admitted to a Grapevine, Texas, Hospital for an infection.

More details of the attack are here:

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
Lacey has missed a great deal of work. She has a great deal of outstanding medical bills. The mental pain and suffering has been hard on Lacey in addition to the worries about how she will ever pay down her medical bills.

Legal Consequences

The shelter has made sure that it cannot be held liable for the pit bull attack, as Lacey was forced to sign that waiver. The waiver said she was barred from suing even if a dog caused death.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
Lacey is very a lovely person. She loves her family and her dogs. She wanted to give the pit bull a chance at being adopted.