White pit bull

Man, woman and labradoodle brutally attacked by repeat-offender pit bull

Name: CJ Czerwonka
Victim: Adult
Location: Walking on sidewalk near my home, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Year of attack: 2020

Tell us about the attack

In June 2020, I was 50 years old, and I, along with my wife and daughter were on a walk with our labradoodle. We passed a house that had a huge pit bull in the front yard that was tied to a tree with a simple rope. As we passed the yard, the pit bull broke free from the rope and charged, knocking my wife down into the street. As the dog circled to attack her, I tried to block the attack with my outstretched right hand. This worked, but as my hand took the full brunt of the attack, I was severely bitten down to the bone on my hand destroying my knuckle joint on my middle finger. After this bite I went into severe shock and was unable to continue to defend my family. The pit bull proceeded to bite my dog and my wife over and over.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
For about a year, I had what I call PTSD because I had a very difficult time with leaving my house for any walks, etc. I purchased a weapon and got a concealed carry permit and I will no longer go for a walk without a weapon.

It has changed my view of the outdoors and my safety. I no longer feel safe being outside and I never will.

This attack robbed me of my feeling of being safe anywhere. It’s unfortunate because this never needed to happen and it is so unexpected and unbelievable that these killer animals are even allowed in our communities. I love dogs, but I am sorry, if a given type of dog can kill, maim, and destroy humans so easily, it should not be allowed.

Legal Consequences
We were able to have the pit bull put down because after our attack we learned that this pit bull had previously mauled a neighbor’s child in the face. I obtained a lawyer to try to recoup costs for my medical care and sue for pain and suffering, but unfortunately because the pit bull owner had no rental insurance or any insurance at all there was basically nothing to go after to recoup my costs.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
I wouldn’t have believed this in a million years until it happened to me.

People need to realize that these pit bulls are increasingly all over the place and that between them and an attack upon you and your family is just one mistake: an open gate, an unlocked door, a loosely tied rope or leash.  When you go out for walks or are outside in your neighborhoods, be aware and be prepared. The pit bull breed can kill, is often aggressive and should be treated legally like any other powerful, dangerous animals such as a tiger, lion, bear, etc. While other dogs can bite, pit bulls have both the ability to kill more easily because of their jaw size and muscular build, and the genetic predisposition to do so. Most pit bulls appear to be owned by people who do not really grasp or care about how dangerous these animals truly are to others in their communities.