Unprovoked pit bull attack

Four pit bulls attack unprovoked

Name: Lisa Kirk
Victim: Adult, Pet
Location: Walking on road in neighborhood, Michigan
Year of attack: 2021

Tell us about the attack

We had previously asked a neighbor four times to keep their pit bulls in their yard. This is documented with photo evidence of the conversation, as well as eyewitnesses.

Then one day, while we were on a walk, four pit bulls came out from that neighbor’s yard & began to attack us, unprovoked. Two of the pit bulls were attacking our golden, while the other two came from behind while I was screaming and jumped on my arms. My husband fought the two off our dog, and he got her free. But, those two then joined the others mauling me. By the time my husband turned to see why I was still screaming, all four pit bulls were on me. He saved me & luckily he suffered only one bite. I would have possibly lost arms or worse, my life if he were not there. My dog suffered a puncture to her leg. I suffered 17 wounds to both arms & legs. It could have been much worse but my protective winter coat provided some protection.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
I am fearful now most hours of every single day of those pit bulls. Are they out? Will they be let out? We moved into this home 90 days prior to when the attack occurred. Needless to say, many boxes are not unpacked and I cannot enjoy my yard / deck without being on a continual alert of the pit bulls’ actions/whereabouts. It took a month before I could steel the nerve to walk out to my mailbox again. Dogs with which I am not familiar are suspect and I jump if a dog barks nearby. A snarling dog, even my own (a golden), now unnerves me.

Physical therapy ongoing and PTSD ongoing. This is so very mentally painful to endure everyday.

Legal Consequences
The owner of the pit bulls was fined misdemeanors for no papers, no shots or collars. Proceeds from the fines went to the government, not us. The pit bulls were not removed as they are considered property and the owner didn’t surrender. A current court case is pending, and is prolonged due to Covid-19. Our lawyer has recommended no media until after court proceedings  / sentencing.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
Be prepared while walking alone or with your dog to defend yourself and your dog always. You have a right to defend/hurt or kill if a pit bull is off its property and attacks you. Ordinance or not. Fence or not. This attack WAS PREVENTABLE!  But pit bull owners will not care about rules and will continue to let dangerous/bully pit bulls roam free. They just don’t care.  I will be an advocate for changing / updating the ordinances in our area to protect victims such as myself, and to have these pit bulls removed immediately.