Pit bull pup

Former owner of a lovingly-raised pit bull pup that turned violent says, it’s nothing to do with how you raise them

Name: AN
Victim: Adult
Location: Outside in a business area, Georgia
Year of attack: 2021

Tell us about the attack

We purchased a sweet pit bull puppy from a rescue. The pup had been acquired by the rescue at 5 weeks of age, along with her mom and litter mates, and there was no background of abuse. She was not separated from her mom too young.

At the time, I felt like you had to teach pit bulls to be aggressive and that they weren’t born this way. I’d learned this from pit bull advocacy groups on social media. So we rescued a pit bull wanting to do and show the “right thing”. We raised her lovingly and caringly and gave her the perfect life.

Three years later, she attacked an innocent man for no reason in an unprovoked attack. She lunged at this man and as she did, I slipped in the mud and she got away from me. My dog tore through his shirt and he was left with bruises and an abrasion. Only by the grace of God was he able to fend off the attack. It probably helped that she was only 50 lbs. versus a more typical larger pit bull size. We immediately put her down and agreed to pay for any injuries.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
I am now terrified of dog breeds categorized as “aggressive” by most insurance companies. I walk around with pepper spray and a stun baton. If I see one of these dogs I turn and go the other way. I am constantly plagued by worry that I will be attacked. I will never own another rescue dog or support so-called rescue organizations.

Legal Consequences
My pit bull was not reported to animal control because the victim knew us and we proved we put her down. He was only concerned with protecting potential future victims and less concerned about his own injuries.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
You cannot trust pit bulls. There are surely some sweet ones who have never attacked but because they are so capable of causing death or other serious bodily injury should something click, it’s not worth adopting one. And IF you insist on adopting one, you had better make sure your homeowner’s insurance will cover an attack. There are only four insurance companies in the nation that will cover an “aggressive” dog breed. The average cost of a dog bite is $40,000; I think people need to think twice financially before adopting a pit bull or pit mix.