Dog groomer

Dog groomer says vicious reputation of pit bulls is true — and deserved

Name: J.M. Pringle
Victim: Pet
Location: Grooming salon, Ontario
Year of attack: 2019

Tell us about the attack

I worked at a dog grooming salon, and I was grooming a small female Aussie Shepherd. The salon owner (who was a pit lover) demanded I put that dog on the floor and instead groom the pit (illegal here in Ontario) that she was holding. I wanted to finish the Aussie Shepherd, but she (the owner) refused my request. So I picked up the Aussie Shepherd off the grooming table and put her on the floor. Without a second’s hesitation or warning, the pit bull (which the owners had identified as an “American Bully”) attacked the Aussie, grabbing her by the neck and shaking her. The salon owner attempted to pull the pit off, but the harness broke. I grabbed a broom and started hitting the pit on the head and body with all my might. Thank god, the pit let the Aussie loose, and I scooped her up and into a crate.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?

The above attack, and numerous other close calls in my work with dogs, has left me fully aware that all the stories about the nature of attacks by pit type dogs are 100% true.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?

Call them what you may — American Bully, “Lab Cross”, “Boxer Cross”, Staffy — these pit type dogs are immediately recognizable by breed safety law advocates such as myself. The argument that they are not “true pits” is a ridiculous story convincing no one, because if it looks like a pit, walks like a pit, and bites like a pit, IT IS A PIT TYPE DOG, and is genetically programmed to attack, maul and murder without provocation.

These types of dogs are dangerous. They kill people and pets, and no matter what lies the pit lovers tell people and themselves, pit bull type dogs are always a real and present threat. Every single day, world-wide, pit-type dogs murder pets, livestock, seniors, young persons and babies.