Cat killed; neighborhood terrorized by pit bulls

Cat killed; neighborhood terrorized by pit bulls

Name: Beth
Victim: Pet
Location: My back yard., South Carolina
Year of attack: 2021

Tell us about the attack

Me, Tippy (my dog) and Bubba (my rescue cat) were out back. I was cleaning and Tippy and Bubba were playing as they always thought they were actually really siblings. All of a sudden I hear this ungodly screaming. All I could see was my poor Bubba being torn up by the neighbor’s pit bull that had jumped the fence and invaded my property! I was screaming so loud my 75-year-old neighbor of 50+ years came through my house with a golf club and hit the pit bull as hard as she could so I could get Bubba away from it. Bubba did not survive.

We went to court! The pit bull owner played the judge like a fiddle. The pit bull is back, even though she told the judge she got rid of it! And I have got to take my 357 out in my own yard to let Tippy go potty! 2nd attack was in my front yard 5 pits this time! My friend getting in her car to leave. I had my gun! $200 fine!

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
I am terrified to take my dog into my own backyard cause the pit bull owner lets the same pit and her pit bull puppies out and they come running at us! I take my gun out to let Tippy pee! I can’t have family or friends over. I’ve grown up in this house and lived here for over 50 years. I found out the neighbor is a pit bull breeder. I found her page on Facebook! She told the judge that she wasn’t, and that she’d gotten rid of the pits that killed my cat. She has not. And that pit bull had also killed her very own German Shepherd, before the attack on my cat!

My Tippy was traumatized. Vet had to put her on Prozac. She won’t leave my side! No peace?

I can’t get past the horrendous attack and the pain I saw my cat going through.

Legal Consequences
The pit bull owner was fined $200 for not confining her pits. And the pit got the vaccine shots before she came to court that day. That killer pit bull is taunting us everyday! And the pit bull owner is making sure we are scared! She hasn’t fixed her fence like she told the judge she would, and she still has that same pit she told him was gone the night it happened! I live in constant fear and there’s nothing I can do about the second attack in the front yard, when 5 of them got out of her front yard, again she wasn’t watching them? And the reason the 2nd offense wasn’t heard was because she plead, “No contest”! Officer w/Animal Control says I can’t do anything until the pit jumps the fence again? I told him when it does it’s going to kill something or someone? Pray not a family member or Tippy?

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
Pit bull owners know how to manipulate the system! This is not her first time to do this! And she said in court that I was racist and haven’t liked her since she moved in next door? That’s slander! That I taunt her dogs with my hose? Ok? My whole family were law enforcement! And I really haven’t had her race on my mind? I’ve been trying to protect my pets and my property? And she told the judge that she’s told me 100 times how sorry she is? And offered to buy me another cat? I had to address the court then! The “SORRY” word hadn’t come out of her mouth until just then! And Bubba was my baby! He can’t even be replaced! I need to be able to walk out in my yard again and not be scared? And see no peace in sight? And feel another attack is coming? WTH?