Best friend pit bull turns worst enemy

Best friend pit bull turns worst enemy

Name: Kelli
Victim: Adult
Location: Home, Texas
Year of attack: 2020

Tell us about the attack

My boyfriend at the time had had a pit bull for 3 years. I took care of the pit bull, tried to love it and I did the best I could because I’d always been afraid of it because it would attack you if he did not know you. But he had peed on the floor and my boyfriend did nothing about it. The dog was only afraid of him and no one else. But dummy me tried to get on to the dog with a newspaper and when I raised my hand he attacked me. Tore right through my leg leaving an open gash on my thigh that didn’t heal for months even with stitches. Needless to say after my boyfriend and I broke up, the dog later attacked a 6-year-old girl and almost killed her. And the city took the dog away and put him down.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
I know now that’s just the nature of pit bulls and I was always right to be afraid around it.

Legal Consequences
The pit bull was put down in the long run.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
Pit bulls will kill you if they attack you: that’s their only intent if they attack.