Attacked by my own pit bulls

Attacked by my own pit bulls

Name: Nicole
Victim: Myself
Location: Home, Alabama
Year of attack: 2020

Tell us about the attack

I let the pit bulls out on the chain to use the bathroom and one got off and attacked my horse. I ran, got him and toted him inside. He weighs about 80lbs.

I sat down on the floor for a few minutes then got up and the pit bulls started growling and barking at me. I got my daughter (4-years-old) outside on the dryer, and my son, 5-months-old, was asleep in the crib. I tried to get away from the pit bulls but one of them grabbed my arm and wouldn’t let go. The pit bulls finally pushed me down and dragged me across the concrete back porch on to the side of the house. I screamed for my daughter to go inside. One chewed up my face and throat and then one pulled every bit of my hair out.

My husband came home from work and found me laying there and called 911.

I’ve been through 13 surgeries since it happened December 14, 2020.