ASPCA worker victim-blamed child victim of pit bull

ASPCA worker victim-blamed child victim of pit bull

Name: Aubrey’s Mom
Victim: Child
Location: Aubrey’s uncle’s back yard, Pennsylvania
Year of attack: 2021

Tell us about the attack

Friday, September 10th, 2021. I got a call from my daughter’s father telling me to meet him at the hospital and all I can hear is my 5-year-old daughter screaming like I’ve never heard her before in the background. She was attacked by 1 of 4 dogs that her uncle (dad’s brother) owned. It was an unprovoked attack by a 9-month-old female pit-bull. When I arrived at the hospital, my daughter was crying of pain and agony and there was blood all over her. She had been bitten a dozen times from her lip, neck and her whole body. She was transported from Jennersville regional hospital to AI DUPONT Nemours children hospital for surgery to close several deep bite wounds. The plastic surgeon said one more centimeter more and her carotid artery would have been hit and this would have been fatal! 40+ stitches.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
All of our lives have been traumatized! My daughter missed over two weeks of school and has not been the same since! Already anxious before the attack, this has not helped. She has been sick and in pain, stomach issues and body aches. Her doctor says she is probably one of few kids that internalize PTSD and trauma and it’s making her body literally sick. We are seeking counseling with not great progress!

Legal Consequences
Because they were family and I know they didn’t want this to happen no fine or anything happened and I didn’t want to press charges! Although after having to pursue the homeowners for medical, I learned that a incident report was never made (only the ASPCA was contacted) so 6 weeks later I had to report it myself! The ASPCA officer I spoke to was so rude and actually victim-blamed my then 5-year-old daughter! I am still in shock and also hurt that that after everything her uncle still has the pit bull and is planning to keep the monster! I pray to god it’s never around another child again because I know it will definitely bite again!

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
Do your research first and foremost! Most of the saying you’re hearing about pit bulls in general being safe is ABSOLUTELY FALSE! Pit bulls make up MORE than half of all fatal dog attacks and are known to turn on their owners making them incredibly dangerous around children!