Animal rescuers dressing up pit bulls to make them seem safe

Name: Anne
Victim: Adult, Pet
Location: Walking on the street with our leashed Goldendoodle, Indiana
Year of attack: 2021

Tell us about the attack

We went for a family walk with our Goldendoodle Baylee on her leash. We were about a mile from home when I saw the pit bull. It came charging. The stake it was tied to came flying out of the ground and the pit latched on to my Baylee. We were simply attacked unprovoked while walking by, Baylee did nothing to have this dog attack. I was knocked to the ground somehow and Baylee I am sure saved me. She was being bit on her left side but when I fell she moved to have the pit attack her on her right side. I was able to get up. My son and husband kept kicking the pit bull. Not sure how but it finally let go. Baylee had 10 puncture wounds as large as thumb print size and a torn-up lip. I had lots of bruising and pretty sure a broken finger.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
We are now terrified to walk in our neighborhood. It’s a nice neighborhood, too. We have been charged at three times by different pit bulls and the attack in March 2021 was the first time one that got to us. We do go to local parks but when we see pits we go another way. I keep living the attack over and over. Our dog still likes to walk but doesn’t like bigger dogs now. She won’t growl or bark at them but keeps her distance. We can no longer kennel her where we used to since they have play time with lots of dogs.

I have not been a gun owner but after research I am finding it might be the only way to save our family next time from even further harm.

Legal Consequences
The owner we found had purchased the pit bull from an animal rescue 24 hours prior. She was told the pit bull was friendly and that she could take it to the local park to walk. She was told the stake in the ground would hold her 55lb strong pit bull. She gave the pit bull back. She later found out that nothing had been done and that the animal rescue had in fact even put it back up for sale again, listed as the perfect dog! After further digging we found that this pit bull had come from an animal control a few hours north. It had a bite report. It had attacked a cat (I am not sure of the outcome… but I am guessing it was not good) and bit the owner of the cat three times as well. A man found it as a stray and brought it into his home and the attack happened within minutes. This thing has now attacked at least 1 human and 2 animals (it’s said to be 3 years old) and animal rescuers keep putting it back out for sale to attack another day.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
We found out our local laws are terrible. We are collecting data to hopefully change them. Our local Humane Society is actively going to shelters and animal controls and “saving” dangerous pit bulls that are about to be put down for their behavior. They then bring them back and post pictures of them wearing cute holiday themed outfits and marketing them as perfect, loving animals for sale. Our shelter currently has about 15 pit bulls, all of which have descriptions saying that they say can’t be around children or other animals but are somehow still super loving and perfect. How is this a perfect pet? Who would want to take that chance?

After getting police reports to gather data, we are finding out that these pit bull attacks on humans and other animals are becoming a fast growing problem. Don’t be afraid to try to change the laws!