6-year-old mauled to death by 2 pit bull rescues

6-year-old mauled to death by 2 pit bull rescues

Name: Family friend
Victim: Child
Location: Dog pen, New Mexico
Year of attack: 2021

Tell us about the attack

A 6-year-old boy was mauled by two rescue pit bulls. He was in the yard and playing with puppies. His mother left him alone for several minutes and came back find him barely breathing. He was bit on the arms, neck and butt. By the time he was put on the life flight, he had already passed away.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
The family has been very sad and upset by this tragic event. It’s happened to a very close family friend of ours who was the father, and he is not doing well at all.

Legal Consequences
The home of his ex-fiance is under investigation and currently taped off till the investigation is complete.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
Obviously rescue pit bulls have issues to begin with and please never leave child alone especially with ones that have puppies.

My friend had shared custody of his son. He warned the courts several times in several Court proceedings that the home was not safe for his child because of all the horses, pit bulls, and other animals. They told him he was too controlling and overbearing. And this tragic event occurred.