Korea town, Los Angeles

2 pit bulls attacked me and killed my service dog

Name:  JA
Victim: Adult, Pet
Location: 2 houses down in my back alley 15 feet from my home, California
Year of attack: 2022

Tell us about the attack

My neighbors two doors down have been careless with their two pit bulls. I just moved here a month ago, so I had no way of knowing that everyone on my street has had problems and complaints about these pit bulls and how often they get loose. One of the owners stood and watched his pit bulls kill my dog and then go for my arms. It’s been all over the news. Every local station. There’s a full, clear security video of the whole entire thing. https://abc7.com/service-dog-pit-bulls-attack-koreatown/11505965/

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
My life — I don’t think there are words for the hell I’m living. I have intense nightmares about these pit bulls shredding up my dog and then biting my scalp off. I have, I guess, PTSD. I have these uncontrollable flashbacks and I jolt. It prevents me from going out at all. I lost my job the day of the attack since I obviously didn’t show up to work that day.

I could go on. Serious, serious damage to every aspect of my life. Not to mention my dependency on my dog that I’ve spent every waking minute with for the past 8 years. I have spent so many years training my sweet dog to perfection. I was trying to put him in movies and he worked and performed at senior homes and children’s hospitals. Those pit bulls ruined my life and I’m in so much pain and sadness.

Legal Consequences
It took a TON of effort to even get animal control to hear me out. They did take the pit bulls temporarily. They said they do not euthanize pits under any circumstance. They’re just gonna give them to someone else IF the owners lose this hearing. There has been at least three attacks by these pit bulls previous to mine (including a 6-year-old girl) according to the neighbor between us, but since it’s SO difficult to get them to file a report here in Los Angeles, there are none on these pits. So most likely they’ll just get them back. I can still see all of my and my dog’s blood out there.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
If there were some way I could really open the eyes of every person that supports and sticks up for pit bulls, I would spend the rest of my life doing so. These animals are not worth all the damage they’ve caused us. The whole history of the trauma they’ve caused is beyond horrific and I’ve never seen or heard anything like it before. They’re gruesome. I don’t care how sweet or cute people think they are. If my now-dead dog’s breed was out there causing this kind of horror, as much as I love my dog, I’d still say ban ‘em. They’re not worth the damage.