Notepad and pen

Tell us your story

Whether your attack by a pit bull happened last week, last year, ten years ago or when you were a child, tell us. It’s past time for all those stories to come out so politicians and government officials can see what is happening.

And yes, we want to hear even if you weren’t directly the victim. The victim could have been a friend, a family member, a neighbor, or even a pet: these are all victims and we want to give them all voices. These victim stories help raise awareness about the serious impact of dangerous pit bull attacks on the community.

For many people, just having their story heard can be part of a healing process. For others, it is part of the fight back against those promoting pit bulls, to help ensure others do not become their victims too.

Please understand the project is managed by grassroots volunteers. We reserve the right to accept stories for inclusion on the website. Selected stories will be featured on the NPBVA Facebook page. We regret we are not able to contact submitters or respond to story submissions.

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