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Trailer park

Pit bull destroys child’s hopes and dreams

Name: Tracy Montgomery
Victim: Child, Pet
Location: In our back yard, Michigan
Year of attack: 2021

Tell us about the attack

We live in a trailer park. My husband passed away in 2016.

My son Colton and his dog Dexter were outside our home. A girl was walking two pit bulls. One got away and for no reason ran to our backyard to attack Dexter and then Colton. The pit bull punctured my son’s air way. Blood went down his air way. He had to have surgery. He was on life support for four days with tubes down his throat 😢 I had to sit in the ICU room by myself for two days. The doctor said Colton was lucky to be alive.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
The attack affected my son terribly. The pit bull punctured his air way and vocal chords. My son has trouble sleeping now; he has to sleep differently. He wakes up gasping for air. It is hard for him. He had an amazing singing voice and that was taken from him. He wanted to do modeling but with the scars on his neck that was also taken from him. He dropped out of school and so much more. He has anxiety and trust issues.

Legal Consequences
The pit bull owners hid the pit bull at first, then came forward. The police 🚔 did their job but the owners got way with only having to pay court fines and lawyer fees. They have no insurance so we can’t sue. Luckily Medicaid pay for some of his medical bills but one which we have to pay was $1,400.

The court date to determine if the pit bull should be put down is July 12th, 2022. I feel no justice will be done. My son isn’t getting any justice. It is not fair.

I am a single mother please someone help us.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
That trailer park where we live at allows pit bulls even though the lease says no pit bulls. But all the pit owners have to say is that their pits are “service dogs” and they have to allow them. There been many calls and complaints about pit bulls in the trailer park.

They denied everything. My son’s life is ruined thanks to them allowing pit bulls in the park and a few months ago I was almost attacked by two pit mixes in the park. Luckily I had Dexter inside and myself.

My son’s life of pride was taken from him by that pit bull and its owners. We have so little but we had hope and even that was taken from us because of a pit bull. If you like to know more please contact us, thank you.

screen door

Pit bull puppy attack in Hope, Michigan on Wixom Lake

Name: Frieda [1]
Victim: Adult
Location: Knocking on neighbor’s door, Hope, Michigan
Year of attack: 2018

Tell us about the attack

Frieda, about 70 to 75 years old, went to the house of her friends, Jane and John [1], who live on my street. She knocked on their door to talk to Jane and their pit bull puppy viciously attacked her through the screen door and began mauling her. She had to have stitches and spend the night in the hospital.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
I’ve been spending my time trying to figure out how to make my neighbors get rid of that dog. I want to know how to make it illegal to own a pit bull in my community, Hope, Michigan. They are killers.

Legal Consequences
This story happened in March 2018 in Hope, Michigan and the police were called. I cannot find it in the attack database here on NPBVA. Since a police report was made at the hospital how do I get Frieda’s story in this database? Not one thing happened. Frieda didn’t sue since her husband was dying, but John and Jane bought her some bandaids and took her out for dinner, so that made everything right I guess. Why wasn’t that dog put down? I want that dog gone before it bites me or my little boys, but they refuse to get rid of this killer dog.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
STOP SAYING IT’S THE OWNER! It’s not, it’s the breed! This pit bull was a puppy, it had been around Frieda several times and was familiar with her since Jane, and Frieda were friends. John and Jane have small grandchildren so in no way was this pit bull being trained to be aggressive. THESE ANIMALS DO NOT BELONG AS PETS OR IN A COMMUNITY WHERE THEY CAN HURT CHILDREN, or ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER.

[1] Ed: The names have been changed for this web account.