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Blighted street

My life-changing ordeal with a pit bull in Georgia

Name: Melanie Kemp
Victim: Adult
Location: On street, Georgia
Year of attack: 2018

Tell us about the attack

I was walking down the street with overcast weather and it was a little wet. I saw the pit bull but did not think in a million years that she would attack me. I was so shocked when she started running towards me and it immediately grabbed onto my leg with her mouth going all the way around my right leg. She proceeded to bite me and would not let go. I worked with animals for a long time and I never have been attacked or anything violent happened to me in any of my Animal Hospital jobs. She started biting me on my left leg and moved from my upper thigh to my arms. She was trying to get up to my neck and I’m screaming at the top of my lungs for somebody to help me. I was fortunate enough to catch a friend’s attention down the street and he saved me.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
My life has been extremely different. I was in the hospital for almost two weeks because of this attack. I have nightmares and I wake up screaming. As a result of this pit bull attack I lost my mind and pretty much went crazy after it happened. I was wanting to sue whoever I could but I was not able to make that happen. Where it happened was not a good neighborhood.

Legal Consequences
I did not call the police. However, when I called an ambulance to take me to the hospital after the attack, the police were subsequently involved. The pit bull was put down because she was too vicious. And I live with scars on both legs and both arms.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
I still love dogs however I am scared of any dog to this day. I hope I can eventually get over this fear.

Justice for Paddington

Name: Ellie Mac
Victim: Pet
Location: Our back yard less than 3 ft. from our back door, Georgia
Year of attack: 2020

Tell us about the attack
My dog was attacked in our backyard, merely feet from our back door,by our neighbor’s pit bull. She was supposed to be watching her new beau’s dog, Sinister, but neglecting her job as he was at our back door when my spouse & our Goldendoodle Paddy walked outside. After waking up to the sound of my dog, not yet even 2 yrs full grown, wailing loudly in pain, I ran to the window above the source of the sounds, hoping to catch a glimpse of the sight so I could better discern what to expect if I ran down to Paddy, but I couldn’t see anything. Assuming my spouse to be dead, I tried to think of where my father’s firearm was (nobody was in the house but me), but I was frozen with fear. By the time I got dressed and my anxiety under control, Paddy’s cries had ceased, and I knew they were both dead.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
Though Paddington is still the most sociable and friendliest dog I've ever seen when it comes to his desire to play with other dogs and greet and get to know them, we now deny him that chance despite how sad it makes him because we are too scared of another attack. We now live next to people who we are considering taking to civil court, though we will not pursue this course because we both have the same landlord and do not wish to jeopardize my father's retirement living situation, and because the woman who was at fault for being negligent and allowing her boyfriend's dog to trespass onto our backyard claims to have a personal relationship with our shared landlord's family, we fear the landlord will choose to have my father and our household evicted (pandemic protocol not considered).

Legal Consequences
The owner was required to relinquish the pit bull for 10 days to animal control for our county for 10 days for an observation period. We spoke with the head of the department who said the dog showed no signs of rabies, which was the concern because the attack was completely unprovoked. Though Sinister did not have rabies, because his owner said this was his first sign of violence or attack in the 9 years he'd owned him, the county decided to allow the dog to be rehomed anywhere the owner wished and could prove. We do not know where Sinister lives now, whether or not there are children or other dogs on the property, but we know there are not any requirements prohibiting the dog from being around children or other dogs. The owner was not fined, and so far no civil action has been taken.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
Have the courage to hold yourself accountable for your mistakes when they hurt others & don't offer to pay for all medical and veterinary expenses related to the attack only to renege as soon as you realize it will be much more than a mere euthanasia bill as you clearly assumed. My spouse's ability to think quickly on his feet and keep Sinister from reaching Paddy's throat saved his life for the duration of the onslaught, and I'm sorry the defensive wound Sinister incurred was necessary. I'm glad your children were not home to witness this. The bacteria Sinister transferred to Paddington's bloodstream via his bite caused a severe infection that almost killed him. The bills were over 5 grand, & it took a month for him to fight off the infections. Karma will come around, & you are awful folk

Pitbulls and livestock don’t mix well

Name: Dk
Victim: Pet, Other Horse goats
Location: In pasture and on public dirt road, Georgia
Year of attack: Choose one

Tell us about the attack
Just 2 of many in 3 states I’ve dealt with pits killing My livestock.

My neighbor had three pitbulls. I told him you need to put those dogs up They’re coming to my house trying to get my goats. I called the sheriff. The sheriff supposedly went to talk to the guy. The next day the same thing the pitbulls are at my gate. I pull up can’t get out of my truck cuz they’re circling my truck. I called the sheriff he said he didn’t talk to the guy that they before now he’s going to talk to him. The same day he spoke to him the dogs attacked my horse with a girl riding it down the dirt road. Sheriff made him pay my vet bills, gave him a ticket. Few months later one of those same dogs killed my goats with a different owner. I sued on Judge Judy and won. No more pit issues since.

How has your life changed as a result of the attack?
Everyone knows not to let their dogs onto my farm 😉 only tow truck in area refuses my AAA Calls because he’s a bull advocate breeder..I’m hated by pit owners in the area big time but dogs are no longer a problem. Now someone is shooting my livestock… Sheriff does nothing…

Legal Consequences
Owner in one case paid vet bills and fine. In other case Judge Judy paid me but pit owner was shamed publicly and moved out of our county. Lost her job etc, she obviously lied on tv.

What would you like people to know as a result of your attack?
Pit bulls are bred for blood sport. They will target livestock that often goes unreported. It happens daily. I know many people dealing with pits killing mauling livestock. It happened to me in FL, GA and AZ.