DAS V & Addlakha Roentgen () Disability and you may home-based citizenship: voice, gender, and also the and also make of one’s topic

DAS V & Addlakha Roentgen () Disability and you may home-based citizenship: voice, gender, and also the and also make of one’s topic

Societal People, 13 (3), pp. 511-531. Reprinted in B Ingstad & SR Whyte (eds) (2007) Disability from inside the Local and you can Around the globe Worlds, 128-148. Berkeley: College or university away from Ca Push. Revealing face disfigurement (pp. 512-521), a case background is provided with regarding a young lady, Mandira, whoever wedding happened individually, and are followed closely by rumours one to their own suitor was bewitched because of the ‘dangerous phenomenal rites’ to make certain that he did not find their disfigurement. Five years later the new spouse died, and many members of the family thought that Mandira along with her mothers was actually appropriately penalized because of their trickery. Rather than the spiritual specialist which have “shed good veil along side husband’s ability to come across and you will judge, because so-called by other people — perhaps he’d raised a great veil and greet Mandira’s partner so you can discover their just like the she it’s was, acute the outside looks, because was indeed.” One of many authors statements, “This is usually the one affair on what I found a complicated violation from cosmological records about beauty and you will ugliness one to mediated the brand new way in which the public norms were articulated. Hindu myths and iconography try replete that have instances where in actuality the power to behold beauty it’s, to get over thinking of repulsion and you will scary in the sight regarding whatever was ugly and you may scary, is the manifestation of the true devotee.”

But really a great cousin’s wife understood the challenge differently

DASEN, Veronique (1993) Dwarfs into the Old Egypt and you will Greece. Oxford: Clarendon. Changed D.Phil. thesis, greatly referenced, according to iconography and you may medical and archaeological research. Finishes (pp. 246-48) you to definitely self-confident perceptions into dwarfs from inside the Egypt through the c. 3000 years, and you may a significantly quicker several months within the Ancient Greece, have been with bad feedback and you will habits during the Hellenistic and you may Roman attacks. Influences toward perceptions to Evlilik iГ§in Amerikan kadД±n the dwarfs, deformity and you will disability for the lands ‘between’ Egypt and you can Greece are thought at, but they are perhaps not right here treated.

DAS GUPTA, Tamonash Chandra (1933, 1937) Dayaram’s Sarada-Mangal. Journal of Department from Characters, School from Calcutta 23 (1933): 1-29, and you may 30 (1937) 31-81. The new poem inquiries good hyperactive, attention-disordered prince who is incapable of discover things at school, even after twelve years of services to coach your; as well as the services of 5 princesses to acquire particular training. The difficulty is resolved, with the aid of Saraswati, goddess out of Reading and you will Wisdom.

De- JONG, Albert (1997) Living of your Magi. Zoroastrianism during the Greek and you can Latin Literature. Leiden: Brill. An extended addition and talk appears, into head trend and you can biggest difficulties from inside the developing a proof-created reputation of Zoroastrianism. Speak about is made of the newest individualized out of segregating or secluding individuals that have major ailment otherwise disabilities, such as for example leprosy, in the a certain put otherwise safety, called the armest-gah (pp. 240-243). There will have come some convenience from elderly and you can infirm someone, regardless of if De- Jong is cautious about exaggerations by distant historians (444-445). There’s facts you to definitely dudes helping on the army, and hiring a life threatening infection or disabling standing, were set apart within the an open set, and available with an adhere, h2o, and you may a tiny dinner. As they got certain strength, they may continue off of the wildlife on stick; however, until it returned quickly so you’re able to fitness, the brand new dogs do finish them out of. Some did endure and you will came back household, but was dreadful and you may shunned until that they had experienced an enthusiastic exorcism service (232-233, 239-242, 444-446).

Exposition and you will interpretation away from a great Bengali poem, which in addition include “worthwhile details about the state of studies inside the Bengal” most likely dating in the 17th century

DENNIS, James S (1899) Religious Missions and you may Societal Improvements. A sociological examination of foreign objectives. step 3 vols. Edinburgh: Oliphant, Anderson & Ferrier. II: 384-87 studies many late 19th century Southern Far-eastern impairment works of the ‘benevolent natives’ plus by missionaries, with records to help you stuff in the missionary periodicals. II: 388-89 briefly studies performs by missionaries to have blind members of Persia, Poultry, Syria and you can Egypt (get a hold of including pictures, III: opp. 524, and you can literary works having blind anyone, III: 211-12). II: 433-47 studies leprosy objectives across China. Dennis is commonly greatly patronising, yet , gives a helpful realization of goal operate to have ‘social progress’ in that century.