Victim advocacy groups work 365 days of the year to raise awareness of the pit bull crisis in the United States and Canada. Please find more information on the following websites and Facebook community pages.

17 Barks – Blog with articles on pit bull attack reports, myths and statistics. Satirical commentaries on pit bull enthusiasts.
America’s Dog – Facebook community group with 300+ members with posts on the history of pit bulls and comments on current attacks in the news.
America’s Dog– Blog about the true history of pit bulls – “Never a nanny dog”. Historical images of pit bulls since the 16th Century with commentaries.
Angels Day Tribute Page for Victims of Fighting Dog Breeds – A Facebook tribute page of 700+ members for victims who have died from pit bull and fighting breed dog attacks.
Animals 24/7 – Information service to the humane community worldwide since 1986. Extensive research on pit bulls for 35 years.
Ban Pit Bulls – Support Breed-Specific Legislation. Extensive resource of information and links on Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), United States and Canada.
Ban Pit Bulls Across America – Facebook group with 5,000 members in support of pit bull breeding bans and local restrictions on pit bulls.
Blankets for Children Survivors of Dog Attacks
Blankets for Children Survivors of Dog Attacks – Facebook group offering comfort and emotional support to children attacked by dogs.
Breed Safety Laws Action Team
Breed Safety Laws Action Team – Organization and Facebook group addressing dangerous dog safety laws and advocating for legislation.
#BSL Saves Lives Advocates Group
#BSL Saves Lives Advocates Group – Facebook public group taking a stand against pit bulls in the community

Californians for Regulating Pit Bulls

Californians for Regulating Pit Bulls
– Facebook community for people in California concerned about pit bulls

Catch Pole Pitties and The Craven Tales of America’s Pit Bull Terror
Conte Les Pitbulls au Quebec
Conte les Pitbulls au Quebec – Facebook page
Craven Desires – Facebook page for Craven Desires, critical blog posts on pit bull issues and news since 2009.
Craven Desires – Critical blog posts on pit bull issues and news since 2009.
CROUD – Facebook page for Connecticut Residents Opposing Unsafe Dogs (CROUD). Working to promote safety in our neighborhoods.
dangerous by default
Dangerous by Default – Extreme Breeds. Advocacy site and true life chronicle of a savage pit bull attack on two Towson, Maryland children in April 2007.
Dangerous Dogs – Facebook victim support group promoting awareness and education of all dangerous dogs
Daxton’s Father – “My son was killed by pit bulls”. Fatal pit bull attack victim Daxton Borchardt.
Daxton’s Friends – For Canine Education and Awareness. A major 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and resource for healthy canine pet ownership, and advocates for public safety and animal welfare.
Daxton’s Friends Facebook – For Canine Education and Awareness. The Facebook page of Daxton’s Friends, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and resource.
dogsbite – Some Dogs Don’t Let Go.
A major 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and national dog bite victims’ group championing the rights of victims through research, education and advocacy.
Dog Bite Decatur Al – Website for horrendous bull attacks in the news.
Facts on the Danger of all Pit Bull Type Dogs. Commentaries and news posts on the need for Breed-Specific Legislation for pit bull type dogs.
Fatal Pit Bull Attacks – Archive of U.S. fatal pit bull attacks dating back to 1833.
Frankie Fund – Support for Frankie Flora who has endured 36 medical procedures.
Hunter Kilbourne’s Recovery – Community of 1500+ friends for Hunter Kilbourn, California
Idahoans for Breed Specific Legislation
Idahoans for Breed Specific Legislation – Facebook page for Idahoans concerned about dangerous breeds
Jeff. D. Borchardt – Facebook page for Board chair at and victims advocate.
John Trition Harvard – Memorial site for John Trition Harvard for education and safety.
Justin Wayne Clinton – Facebook memorial page in loving memory of Justin Wayne Clinton.
Levi Wayne Watson – Facebook memorial page in loving memory of Levi Wayne Watson.
Louie’s Law – website and petition for “Louie’s Law” asking lawmakers to enforce pit bull bans in Florida.


Misunderstood Nanny Dogs? – A Critical and Objective Analysis of the Facts & Myths Concerning Pit Bulls (book)
J. Thomas Beasley, attorney

Nate’s Road to Recovery – a closed Facebook group of 300+ friends supporting Nate and his journey to recovery from a dangerous dog attack.
New Jersey Citizens for Breed Specific Protection – Facebook community for discussion and support of Breed Specific Legislation in the state of New Jersey.
Nonlinear Dogs – website for Alexandra Semyonova’s book The 100 Silliest Things People Say About Dogs, discussing problems with the “dominance hierarchy theory” of dog training.

occupy-maul-streetOccupy Maul Street – Critical and hard-hitting blog posts on the pit bull breeding community, pit bull fighting, pit bull myths and victim stories.


Ohio Needs Pit Bull Laws – Facebook community page in response to increasing numbers of pit bull attacks on humans and pets in Ohio.

Our Pets Were Attacked by Pit Bulls – BSL Now
Our Pets Were Attacked by Pit Bulls – BSL Now – Education site supporting 800+ people whose pets were attacked by pit bulls.
People for Protecting People & Pets from Pitbulls Midwest – Facebook community support page for pit bull victims in the Midwest.
PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Largest animal rights organization in the world supports breed-specific laws to alleviate the suffering of pit bulls and reduce their numbers.
Pet Lovers of Lakewood, Ohio
Pet Lovers of Lakewood, Ohio – Facebook community page for breed-specific legislation in Lakewood, Ohio
Pit Bulls are not Pets – Facebook group with over 9,000 members. Help save our youth from the ruthless attacks of these dangerous animals.
Pit Bull Attack Lawyers – Facebook page providing names of lawyers and information for victims in pit bull attack cases.
Pit Bull Attacks and Dogfighting in Illinois
A massive collection of posts and news from the past 30 years.
Pit Bull Attacks in Missouri
Facebook group alerting the public to the presence of this dangerous breed in Missouri
Pit Bull Awareness Day – Facebook page for National Pit Bull Awareness Day videos and news.
Pit Bull Dangers Radio Online radio show examines serious and growing crisis associated with pit bulls and the danger they pose.
Pit Bulls and Gripping Dogs are Not Pets – Facebook community page looks at the reality of pit bulls as family pets.
Pit Bulls Killed My Pet – Facebook support group for people whose companion animals were killed by pit bulls.
Pit Bulls Shot or Confronted by Police – Facebook page with news links to police shootings and statements by law enforcement officers on pit bull aggression.
Protect Children from Pit Bulls and Other Dangerous Dogs – Facebook page with more than 7,000 followers.
Safety Before Pit Bulldogs. Information, data, studies, and expert opinion about the dangers of pit bulls in communities and the value of BSL.
Santa Cruz County Anti-Pit Bull Coalition
Santa Cruz County Anti-Pit Bull Coalition – Facebook page for Santa Cruz residents in support of pit bull breeding bans
SCARS Kids – Support group for child survivors of canine attacks
Scorched Earth. – the Politics of Pit Bulls. Blog posts since 2012 on the politics of pit bull advocacy groups, illustrating what happens when pit bull advocacy writes state law.
Stop Pit Bull Attacks and Dogfighting in Illinois
Stop Pit Bull Attacks and Dogfighting in Illinois.
Facebook community raising awareness of the pit bull problem in Illinois
Sudden, Random, Unprovoked and Violent. An extensive 5-year blog with articles on the topic of pit bulls and society. See article on Pit Bull Awareness Month
Support Pit Bull Bans
Support Pit Bull Bans – Facebook community page advocating for bans on pit bulls
Team Naty – Facebook page for 9-year old Natylee Murphy, a dog attack survivor since 2009.
The Canine Game Changer – A three-year blog project with updates and news on pit bull attacks.
The Pit Bull Problem – Facebook group exposing the problem of pit bulls and their mixes.
The Pit Bull Propaganda Machine – Facebook group “Unmasking the world’s most dangerous dog and those that protect, own, advocate, and lie about them.”
The Pit Bull Propaganda Machine – Facebook community with 1800+ members.
The Truth about Pit Bulls – Posts since 2010 on the validity of pit bull “experts”, profiles of pit bull owners, and the history and state of pit bull propaganda in America.
Walk for Victims of Pit Bulls – Blogspot site for Walks for Victims of Pit Bulls and Other Dangerous Dogs.
Walk for Victims of Pit Bulls – Facebook page with 800+ members providing updates on Walks for Victims of Pit Bulls and Other Dangerous Dogs.
Zainabou’s Voice – Facebook page for Zainabou Drame, viciously attacked by two pit bulls in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Yorkies and pit bulls
Yorkies Killed or Mauled by Pit Bulls – Pinterest page in memory of Yorkies attacked by pit bulls