The following information sheets are available for use when contacting media, city council members, legislators and other interested parties.

Medical Journals
Studies from 34 refereed academic journals attesting to the disproportionate numbers and severity of pit bull attacks.

Pit Bull Fatalities, Canada and USA
List of deaths by pit bulls 2016-2018

Canadian Locations with Bans and Restrictions
Canadian cities and towns with breed specific legislation for pit bulls

Countries with Breed Specific Laws
List of countries world-wide with breed legislation (Eng and French)

Pit Bull Fatalities
Deaths by pit bulls in the United States 2013-2016

NPBVA Fact Sheet
A general information sheet about the potential danger and economic cost of pit bull type dogs.

Scalping and Disemboweling by Pit Bull Type Dogs
Cases of scalping and disemboweling attacks March 2015-April 2016.

Pit bull attacks in Canada
Partial list of attacks and deaths by pit bull dogs in Canada


Information about BSL

Articles about the pit bull crisis

Flyers to print or email

A detailed overview covering the main points for trying to pass an ordinance

Data on the success of BSL