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Thank you for taking action on National Pit Bull Victim Awareness Day. Please follow the brief instructions to help ensure that people, pets and pit bulls are protected from any more bloodshed and carnage. Humans caused this horrifying crisis, we must now fix it!


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Dear Honorable House Local Government Committee Members,

You are currently reviewing Senate Bill 239, which will prevent local governments from enacting and enforcing ordinances that regulate dogs based upon breed.

I strongly urge you to oppose SB 239. This legislation will prevent a local government from creating breed-specific protection measures, such as mandatory spay and neuter ordinances (

Ypsilanti Township enacted a pit bull spay and neuter ordinance in 2010 to protect pit bulls by reducing pit bull shelter occupation and euthanasia. In just two years, this ordinance cut pit bull intake and euthanasia in half.

In 2011, as the law went into effect, 237 pit bulls were brought into the Humane Society. That number has dropped to 113 through the end of October and is projected to rise to 135 by the end of the year.

Euthanasia of pit bulls dropped from a peak of 139 dogs in 2009 to 103 in 2011 and 56 through the end of October. Officials are projecting putting down 58 pit bulls total in 2012.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” Mike Radzik, director of the office of community standards, said. Read the full article on Ann Arbor News

Taxpayer funded shelters across Michigan are overwhelmed with pit bulls that are difficult to adopt out and many will have to be put down. To reverse this trend, preventing new unwanted pit bull births is the answer, just like the Ypsilanti Township’s ordinance has done.

Please vote for breed-specific protections and oppose SB 239.

I stand with over 50 different organizations and social media groups who are part of National Pit Bull Victim Awareness Day on October 24, 2015 who support animal protections and oppose SB 239.

Thank you,

(Your name and location)


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Lee Chatfield (R) Committee Chair
107th District 517-373-2629

Amanda Price (R) Majority Vice-Chair
89th District 517-373-0838

Kurt Heise (R)
20th District 517-373-3816

David Maturen (R)
63rd District 517-373-1787

Jim Runestad (R)
44th District 517-373-2616

Jason Sheppard (R)
56th District 517-373-2617

Lana Theis (R)
42nd District 517-373-1784

Jeremy Moss (D) Minority Vice-Chair
35th District 517-373-1788

Charles Brunner (D)
96th District 517-373-0158

David Rutledge (D)
54th District 517-373-1771

Sheldon Neeley (D)
34th District 517-373-8808